Why you need an MSW

Estimated read time: 22 minutes

It starts with one factor which may have prevented you from reading this today.

How many emails did you get today? How many texts? Maybe you haven’t noticed the exponential increase anymore; you’re just trying to keep up. If you told an earlier version of yourself from ten years ago just how many emails and texts you handle each day, your younger self would likely be scared. If not, telling s/he how prevalent social media has become in your life might do the trick. Funny how some things intended to make our lives easier has, instead, made it more complicated.

This may not apply to you: some of us have a knack for juggling asynchronous communication (the younger the better, it seems). But I’m sure I could find something else, because it’s just one example of what we are all struggling with: change. Continue reading

Whose garden are you growing?

I’m not much of a gardener, but I have friends who are exceptional gardeners, and it’s a lot of work. Breaking ground, tilling, sowing, watering, feeding, deweeding, and pruning are just the common activities for whatever you’re growing. Then there’s a litany of not so common activities: planning, calculating, fencing, maintaining your tools, and protection from a host of factors.

Organizational culture is similar to a garden and has many correlated activities. Interviewing, hiring, installing (of new hires), paying, training, mitigating, and correction, along with vision casting, calculating (math is math), settling disputes, seminars and industry news, and legality. Neither list is exhaustive, and yet I’m confident that for every one, there is a corresponding other.

It raises a simple question: who, or what, are you growing? Continue reading