Why you need an MSW

Estimated read time: 22 minutes

It starts with one factor which may have prevented you from reading this today.

How many emails did you get today? How many texts? Maybe you haven’t noticed the exponential increase anymore; you’re just trying to keep up. If you told an earlier version of yourself from ten years ago just how many emails and texts you handle each day, your younger self would likely be scared. If not, telling s/he how prevalent social media has become in your life might do the trick. Funny how some things intended to make our lives easier has, instead, made it more complicated.

This may not apply to you: some of us have a knack for juggling asynchronous communication (the younger the better, it seems). But I’m sure I could find something else, because it’s just one example of what we are all struggling with: change. Continue reading

Cleaning up after mice

I didn’t know I was building character for a lifetime. I just wanted some extra cash.

I was a freshman in high school, and I was hungry. Not literally, of course: I came from an affluent middle-class home and I had all the basics amply provided. However, my parents were instilled with that hard-nosed work-ethic, which says life is meant to be earned, not handed to you. If I wanted money for something, I had to wait for a holiday.

So, when my Dad mentioned someone he knew and worked with who needed help on his ranch, I jumped at the idea. Then he told me the wage.Two bucks an hour. Minimum wage was more than double. Still, I took the job. It wasn’t like I had other options. Continue reading

A tribute to Fred

I wanna tell you about a guy I once knew named Fred.

Fred is not famous. You won’t find him on your social media feed, on the cover of a magazine, or doing an interview on television. He won’t develop new ideas or theories, and you won’t find him on the speaking circuit. Even if Fred had a platform, he wouldn’t know what to do with it. Although Fred will likely never be famous, he is more well-known than most people in this world.

Everybody loves Fred. And I mean everyone. His employees hail him when he enters the building, customers are relieved when he picks up the phone, and he gets hugs from many of his customers when they see him in person. When he is absent, people want to know where he is and if he’s okay. Fred works at a vending company, which is what makes the adoration all the more remarkable. After all, can you name the vendors who serve you during their brief visit to your business each day? Not many can. But all of the people in the organizations Fred serves knows Fred by name.

What makes Fred so special? One small vignette exemplifies why Fred is so special. Continue reading