About Me

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I am not a great writer.

A good writer? Yes, or so I’ve been told. Yet, I doubt I will ever be a great writer, because my goal is not to be a great writer.

What is my goal? Doing what I write about. 

I have worked as an agent for positive cultural change throughout my entire career, of which the position and title did not matter. In each position, cultural dysfunction was a root cause of systemic failures. In each position, I worked towards improving that culture, first through deeds, followed by words. My technique and approach is easily recognized, even though it is poorly understood.

This blog shares that experience. The journey itself is shared elsewhere.

My hope is that both will benefit others, wherever they may be in their life and career. If my writing helps others, then I’ll continue to write when it comes time to make that decision. 

Yet, somewhere, there is a person who needs help in aligning a culture with a vision. When I find this person, I’ll be back to doing what I write about. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction. 

Orthopraxy, after all, is not a doctrine to be written or preached. It’s a way of life. 

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