Towards a Better Gathering

Welcome to my author website. This page is a placeholder for what comes next. 

If you came here looking for my blog, you will not find one. 

I write exclusively for others towards a specific purpose.

In one word, that purpose is to gather.

It’s going to take many voices to address the challenges and struggles facing the faithful in this postmodern and post-Christian age. My ongoing search is to find those voices, adding my own small voice to their message. I do this in both the online and offline world. 

By subscribing to this website, you are following where I go next, meeting others when you get there. You won’t receive weekly posts, updates, or news. The only thing you will receive in your email is an alert whenever a new connection is available. 

By finding me, I also hope you find others and subscribe to the words they write. We may not always agree, but their message mirrors my own in some way, and visa versa. 

May they be new sources of inspiration in your journeys ahead. 

Purchasing a book is a small gift towards this missionary focus, and I thank you. I hope you find something valuable within those pages.

It’s time to gather. Stay tuned for future gatherings.